Meet Syretta

Syretta L. Bell, The Makeup Socialite

How It Got Started:

Syretta’s first taste of makeup happened in her pre-teens when she would sneak and wear her mother’s Fashion Fair Moonlit Plum lipstick to school.  As she grew into a teenager, she began to experiment and imitate what she saw in magazines and music videos.  It wasn’t until 2000 that she decided to pursue her passion of makeup and begin her career after experiencing a tragic loss. 


In 2000, Syretta began attending AIU to receive her degree in Fashion Design and Marketing.  During her first 2 years of studies, she discovered her passion truly lied in the beauty industry.  “Makeup gives a client instant gratification.” This quote inspired her to leave her studies at AIU and pursue her career in makeup artistry. 


Syretta began working in fragrance at Sephora and within a month was promoted to Lead Makeup Artist and then Events Coordinator. She has since left her position at Sephora and catapulted into a career with numerous accolades. She continues to share her knowledge and talent, as her work can be seen in various mediums such as, television, print, video, and film. Syretta has lend her talents to many projects including Confirmation on HBO, Bad Dad Rehab on TVOne, and Teen Wolf on MTV. She currently serves at the Department Head of Makeup for Tyler Perry Studios where she is responsible for planning the makeup designs for all leading and supporting cast for shows such as The Have and the Have Nots, If Loving You is Wrong, and Too Close to Home.


2004 was the year that Syretta added Educator to her resume. 
Over the years, she has shared her love of makeup with several companies such as, Stila, Tarte, and Bobbi Brown.  She recently began teaching beginning and advanced makeup classes to novice and veteran makeup artist alike.



Syretta credits her family as her biggest motivation. She considers her children her greatest accomplishment in her life. Syretta is the mother of two sons and one daughter. She can always be heard referencing her children as her “kiss of life” and her three best artistic creations. Syretta is a devoted wife of almost 20 years and believes she has been fortunate enough in this life to have experienced true love at its finest. She has acquired many hobbies such as baking, sewing, shopping, and traveling.

Beauty Philosophy

“I don’t alter, I enhance.  Every woman has something beautiful within them.”